Re: Building Linked Data into the Core of the Web

On 9/18/14 9:49 PM, Manu Sporny wrote:
> On 09/14/2014 04:58 PM, Kingsley Idehen wrote:
>> It is misleading (albeit inadvertent in regards to your post above)
>> to infer that Linked Data isn't already the core of the Web. The
>> absolute fact of the matter is that Linked Data has been the core of
>> the Web since it was an idea [1][2].
> Well, that's one of the points I make at the beginning of the talk. I
> also mention that saying "Linked Data" is part of the core of the web is
> a bit of a cop-out.
> Web developers don't understand that, and until they
> do, I don't consider Linked Data as a core part of the Web in the same
> way that HTML, Javascript, and HTTP is a core part of the Web. I was not
> just coming at this from a technical standpoint, I was also making a
> statement about the general Web developer community's understanding of
> Linked Data.

"Linked Data" isn't a concept unique to the Web. Most developers (Web or 
otherwise) understand what "Linked Data" is etc. The problem is that we 
continue to overlook the main problem i.e., effectively deconstructing a 
generic phrase into its constituent parts [1].

It's been really painful to seeing a truly bungled attempt by the 
Semantic Web community re., tying to make the generic phrase "Linked 
Data" unique to their poor characterization of "R-D-F" :-(

>> Instead, we ended up with an incomprehensible, indefensible, and at
>> best draconian narrative that has forever tainted the letters "R-D-F"
>> . And HttpRange-14 as a censorship tool (based on its ridiculous
>> history), that blurs fixing this horrible state of affairs.
> +1
> -- manu

[1] -- Linked Local 
Data (LLD) vs Linked Open Data (LOD)


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