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On 09/15/2014 08:25 AM, Keisha Taylor wrote:
> I am interested in showing how technology and the web have unfolded 
> new opportunities for small businesses because and in spite of their 
> characteristics. I think what these new forms of web payment can be 
> truly revolutionary and is of relevance to what I am studying and 
> researching so I would love to continue to learn more.

Welcome to the group, Keisha. :)

The underbanked and unbanked of the world is a big focus of ours here.
Some of the MSMEs you talk about are certainly who we want to help with
the work we're doing.

The theory goes that if we can integrate a way to store, send, and
receive money into the core of the Web, then people that join it will
have access to a financial infrastructure regardless of where they are
in the world. With 3+ billion people coming online in the next couple of
years via mobile devices and the Web, we hope to build this technology
and get it out there as that's happening. This should make it easier for
organizations around the world to localize the Web Payments technology
to their specific markets (just like the Web has been localized to
specific markets not envisioned by its creators).

Certainly there are many regulatory hurdles to overcome, but since the
technology is patent and royalty-free, it won't be just one organization
trying to figure those out, it's going to be hundreds of them (many with
a strong business motivation to do so).

It would be interesting to hear how your work proceeds over the next
several years, specifically things that you learn wrt. Web usage and
deployment in many of these rural communities. I think an ideal scenario
would be one where we can deploy the Web Payments technology in a rural
community to help solve a particular value exchange problem they have.
The more local, the better, as it will demonstrate flexibility in the

Glad you decided to join the group, let us know how we can help.

-- manu

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