Use Case: Marking to Clothing

Hi All

Im currently working with a project called bitmark [1].

The idea is that you can mark content on the web, on a phone, via email,
geo located, on the internet of things, or in the real world (anything with
an IRI, which to say, anything).  The concept of a mark is a show of
approval, and the recipient can in turn, mark other users etc.

This has a payment element and a reputational element.  The idea of marking
is money+reputation.

My use case is in regard to the marking of real world clothing.  To mark
clothing a unique identifier is preferred.  It would be possible to mark to
a QR code which contains enough entropy to store an identifier.  But
relatively few people would want to wear clothing with a QR code on it.

The solution to this would be to design unique fashion items such as
T-Shirts, trousers and other items of clothing such that the design could
be translated, via an algorithm, to a machine readable identifier.

Each item of clothing would be a unique fashion statement but also carry
transferrable reputation of the wearer.  A web based ledger can be used to
see how much that item has been marked, when the marking was carried out,
and who it was by.  Either by a known individual, or anonymously.

It would be possible to send transfers to the clothing items using the web
payments specification and/or crypto currencies over the internet, using a
internet connected device, such as a computer, mobile phone, tablet or web
enabled eye wear.

The owner of the garment is able to look up online, the marking of values
of that item.  Furthermore, an app on a mobile device would allow the
wearer to receive updates in real time which would notify the user via
sound or a vibration.

In this way individuals area able to know when they are dressed well and
when it is appreciated by others. It can be possible to quantitatively
discover which designs suit the wearer most.  And it can perhaps also lead
to interesting social situations or friendly rivalry.

As will most things in this group the concept is extensible to anything on
the web, but this specific use case is related to clothing.

Would this be a use case that the payments group would be interested in?  I
have started to work on an implementation and would be happy to share a
demo if anyone would like to see more.



Received on Saturday, 20 September 2014 13:24:19 UTC