Re: Proof of Concept: Identity Credentials Login

On 6/9/14 9:25 PM, Manu Sporny wrote:
> TL;DR: There is now an open source demo of credential-based login
> for the Web

Interesting. I've attempted to follow the written explanation and work 
through the demo. Being a largely non-technical user, it's a stretch, 
but my reaction may still be of some use I hope.

A. I found it very complicated trying to follow the text explanation. 
I think you would have done better to separate the 'why this is a 
superior method' from the steps of the tutorial itself. I think 
they're logically separate and I kept getting frustrated trying to 
follow what the actual steps were -- too much blah blah blah in 
between them. :-)  The blah blah blah has its place, don't get me 
wrong; I'm just not sure it should be intertwined with the attempt to 
get registered.

B. At about step #3 -- Registration on the Login Network -- the 
"Register" button was completely dead (iPad, iOS). Couldn't continue 
there, so...

C. I switched to Desktop MacOS, Firefox, went through that fine, 
Registered, etc., until what I make as step #7, the Login button on button rollover shows it knows I want to click it (it 
changes color), but nothing happens. So, switched to Safari...

D. Safari, it worked, referred me back to Login-hub correctly. But 
then I couldn't log in at Login-hub this time -- and not in either 
Safari or Firefox. I wrote down my password and believe it's the same 
as when I registered at Login-hub earlier (in Firefox).

I'd been making a flow-diagram of where I was going, hoping to be able 
to get an overview of the physical sites and software steps, but now 
I'm stumped near the end.


Overall, it seems ingenious (to the degree that I understand it, which 
I believe I do, vaguely -- which is more than I did this morning but 
less than I'd like).

Steven Rowat

Received on Wednesday, 11 June 2014 00:39:24 UTC