USE CASE: HTTP URI denoting a Bank-Account?

I was wondering about how some form of HTTP URI might be provided to a bank-account customer.  Banking systems currently have an array of different identifiers that are provided between parties for the purposes of transferring funds (say, from parents to children, etc.) Existing account details work within banking systems (SWIFT codes, BSB / Account Numbers, etc.); however i couldn’t find the schema available to provide a HTTP URI of a bank account at Web-Scale?

I envisage this to be similar to a crypto-currency address, perhaps with a relation to an institution? 

EXAMPLE (not syntactically accurate for web-payments / payswarm)


IdP: bitcoin 
ADDRESS: 12V7BYH4jPTeeWXfEKJ1rrifizgdvkrzsU (example only)
Amount: 1 
valueFormat; bitcoin

now therefore;

IdP: Westpac.AU
Address: 123546799876688232234 (example only - account doesn’t exist to my knowledge)
Amount $1.00
valueFomat: AUD

Therein; I have a foaf profile document: whereby i can list or insert my bitcoin addresses.  How can an individual create a HTTP identifier / method for a traditional banking accounts?  Equally, the address could be converted into a QRCode or other form, denoting the same details (and enabling the same transaction). 

Is defining a HTTP URI identifying a bank account; and, To use a HTTP URI to make a transaction to a bank-account, between institutional banking providers (?) within scope…

does a method already exist (as provided by banking institutions, not via intermediary, such as paypal)?

Received on Wednesday, 4 June 2014 06:38:42 UTC