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Michael, In the archives of the CG there's discussion of barter. Also...
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Hi all:
Quick answer: The textual definitions in GoodRelations will soon be
polished to reflect the fact that the compensation for a certain offer
can include non-monetary assets (e.g. barter trade). Also note that
gr:ProductOrService is not disjoint from any other class in
GoodRelations, so it is perfectly okay to e.g. offer a gr:Location for
sale etc.

On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 7:16 AM, Michael Williams
<> wrote:
> hi all, :)
> after reading the Interest Group charter
> (,
> i realized in the (hopefully non-exhaustive) list of "possible legal
> payments methods", there is no mention of barter, namely exchanging assets
> directly for assets instead of currencies (or points, etc).
> in the relevants docs: the Web Commerce spec
> (, Web Commerce
> vocabulary (, and
> the general Web Payments use cases
> (, there is no mention of
> barter transactions, instead the only mentioned way of paying for an asset
> is through a currency.
> i'm wondering if it is within scope of Web Payments to support barter
> transactions. in particular, i'm thinking about network barter transactions
> like, where a single transaction may involve
> any number of participants each with any number of offers or wants, all
> denominated in assets. it's currently possible to model each individual
> offer and want, but what about modeling the transaction?
> the only solution i can imagine currently is that a new currency type is
> generated for every network transaction, and one unit of this currency is
> transferred in every sub-transaction, such that the sum of the currency for
> each participan cancels out. however, is there even support for such a
> multi-party transaction, basically can a single transaction contain many
> sub-transactions?
> cheers,
> Michael

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