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some other solutions out there have potential i.e.
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> On 07/03/2014 02:58 PM, Adrian Hope-Bailie wrote:
>> Am I missing something or is this HTTP-Signatures with a small 
>> twist?
> If you're missing something, I'm missing it too. It seems like a really
> restricted subset of HTTP-Signatures with a lock-in to the crypto
> algorithm and "things that you can sign" with a few major security holes
> thrown in.
> Features that are missing from the solution that HTTP Signatures has:
> * Ability to digitally sign HTTP headers (because you can do a lot of
>  nasty things by modifying important headers... like 'Location:' ).
> * Ability to not sign the body if that doesn't make sense (like when
>  you're streaming GBs of data or using trailers or ...)
> * Ability to sign the HTTP method, which is really important:
>  GET /me/accounts/life-savings
>  DELETE /me/accounts/life-savings
> * Ability to identify keys in a greater variety of ways
>  (URL, fingerprint, etc.)
> * The server can specify when it expects a digital signature when
>  accessing a resource.
> * Easy to share keys between clusters of clients.
> * HMAC support, because there are legitimate uses of it even though
>  it's bad in general.
> * Ability to select the key format and signing algorithm
> I'm going to stop there, but the solution seems questionable. There's
> nothing in there that I can see that the HTTP Signatures spec doesn't
> already do.
>> The only thing that makes it similar in any way to BitCoin is the
>> use of a ECDSA secp256k1 keypair
> Bitcoin is great so this must be great if it even uses a fraction of
> Bitcoin technology, right? Marketing, marketing, marketing! :P
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