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I did a bunch of research into electronic vehicles and related power-systems, potential methodologies for selling the batteries as part of a grid service (rather than as part of the car), etc.

Hydrogen and/or fuelcells seem to be a more sustainable solution overtime.  Hopefully standardised battery systems can be "swapped" with alternative battery technology down the track.


I'm surprised you haven't considered it already.  How do you think you'll be paying for recharging + parking...  Locally gov. Could run power down the streets, and increase revenue via parking (related) fees.   Driver goes home, the battery used as a grid service.

I noticed some app on tv yesterday, talking of selling parking to others via a social network kinda thing - with the usual, new to entrepreneurship - we'll be taking over the world pitch of stats, etc. And I thought - well, why would that data be aggregated into another web2 sns.

I imagine you'll be able to host all sorts of different "offer statements", a bit like twitter, just different #cheapcarrechargepoint with GIS, an offer statement, etc.  

Perhaps the even more interesting area is smart-grid stuff, so the power socket can give basic information, perhaps communicating basic information to/from devices, that might declare who or what they are, with some unique devices Id.

Yet, I'm not sure what the transport protocol is for some of those IoT (internet of things) use-cases are, or indeed, how we'd support it ATM.  

Perhaps their just "products" or "things".


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> On 9 Aug 2014, at 11:04 am, Joseph Potvin <> wrote:
> Well, given that the current-generation and next-generation cars are
> just mobile computers (okay, who-carries-whom gets flipped around: the
> device carries us), it seems to me we should expect to see those OEM's
> showing up at the W3C Web Payments CG and IG.

> joseph
>> On Fri, Aug 8, 2014 at 8:52 PM, Manu Sporny <> wrote:
>>> On 08/08/2014 11:46 AM, Joseph Potvin wrote:
>> Car companies have always seemed a bit misguided to me when it comes to
>> non-auto technology (I say this as a gearhead).
>> The first in car payment system probably happened the second someone
>> carried their WAP mobile phone into their car. :)
>> I really don't see cars competing w/ mobile phones when it comes to app
>> stores.
>> Sure, integration into the car's GPS is great and all, but it's not like
>> mobiles don't have GPS too. I just wish the car manufacturers would just
>> re-use and extend Android and just run that in the car. It'd be so much
>> better as an OS than the stuff they come up with. They wouldn't even
>> have to use Google or Apple's app store. Reinvention of the wheel is
>> rife in the auto industry, pun intended.
>> We've been asked before to look into creating an open app store using
>> the Web Payments technology we've incubated here. It's very possible,
>> wonder if BMW would want to chat with us about that. :)
>> Then again, car companies love silos - they see it as a competitive
>> advantage.
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