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On 08/08/2014 11:46 AM, Joseph Potvin wrote:

Car companies have always seemed a bit misguided to me when it comes to
non-auto technology (I say this as a gearhead).

The first in car payment system probably happened the second someone
carried their WAP mobile phone into their car. :)

I really don't see cars competing w/ mobile phones when it comes to app

Sure, integration into the car's GPS is great and all, but it's not like
mobiles don't have GPS too. I just wish the car manufacturers would just
re-use and extend Android and just run that in the car. It'd be so much
better as an OS than the stuff they come up with. They wouldn't even
have to use Google or Apple's app store. Reinvention of the wheel is
rife in the auto industry, pun intended.

We've been asked before to look into creating an open app store using
the Web Payments technology we've incubated here. It's very possible,
wonder if BMW would want to chat with us about that. :)

Then again, car companies love silos - they see it as a competitive

-- manu

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