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On 08/06/2014 07:24 AM, Tim Holborn wrote:
> Data:Reuse Data:Accessibility Data:Security Data:Privacy 
> Data:Sovereignty Data:Storage
> I havenít got much feedback on these principle areas as yet. whether 
> iíve missed anything at that top-levelÖ
> Feedback would be Appreciated.

Good direction, keep going. Most of what you're saying makes sense to me. :)

I've had a number of conversations with people involved in Creative
Commons and EFF that want effectively the same thing. I believe the
Identity Credentials stuff addresses many of your concerns, but what's
missing is a language to express a "data license". Being able to express
to a provider the limits under which you're releasing your information
isn't possible today. For example, "Only use my address to send me the
thing I'm ordering", "Do not sell my email address to a marketer", etc.

If I could predict one concrete thing that you'd generate that had a
greater than 50% chance of being used, it would be an RDF vocabulary for
expressing data licenses. You might look at the P3P work and learn from

I think Creative Commons would be interested in working with you on such
a vocabulary. We would be interested in integrating it into the Identity
Credentials work (as well as the Credentials CG work).

-- manu

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