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Re: Homeland Security seizes funds at main Bitcoin exchange -- report

From: David Wood <david@3roundstones.com>
Date: Tue, 14 May 2013 22:39:33 -0400
Cc: Web Payments CG <public-webpayments@w3.org>
Message-Id: <50D14B7E-C776-46E7-8DC5-EA4D43FC6698@3roundstones.com>
To: Jeffrey Cliff <jeffrey.cliff@gmail.com>
On May 14, 2013, at 21:54, Jeffrey Cliff <jeffrey.cliff@gmail.com> wrote:

> Check your source...gox has claimed this is false

That's not really true.  Mt. Gox said [1]:
MtGox has read on the Internet that the United States Department of Homeland Security had a court order and/or warrant issued from the United States District Court in Maryland which it served upon the Dwolla mobile payment service with respect to accounts used for trading with MtGox. MtGox takes this information seriously. However, as of this time MtGox has not been provided with a copy of the court order and/or warrant and does not know its scope and/or the reasons for its issuance. MtGox is investigating and will provide further reports when additional information becomes known.

"Investigating" is certainly not the same thing as "false".


[1] https://mtgox.com/press_release_20130515.html

> On 2013-05-14 7:42 PM, "David Wood" <david@3roundstones.com> wrote:
> Homeland Security seizes funds at main Bitcoin exchange -- report
> http://gigaom.com/2013/05/14/homeland-security-seizes-funds-at-main-bitcoin-exchange-report/
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> Dave

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