Re: Building A Paid App For Firefox OS

On 2/27/13 11:53 AM, Melvin Carvalho wrote:
> At first glance the Firefox Marketplace for Firefox OS may look 
> similar to the Apple Store or Google Play Store but there is a key 
> difference: it does not lock you into Mozilla or lock you into your 
> Firefox OS phone. It enables you to sell a web app that will run on 
> any open web device by way of the receipt protocol. Non-Mozilla 
> marketplaces can participate in selling apps on Firefox OS out of the 
> box by implementing the receipt format and users won’t notice anything 
> different when running a paid app from either store.
> When other devices support the receipt protocol then theoretically you 
> could pay for an app once and run it everywhere. There is, of course, 
> a chicken vs. egg problem here so Mozilla hopes to be the egg that 
> helps prove out the decentralized receipt concept and iterate on the 
> protocol. Mozilla invites other vendors to help us work on getting 
> receipts right so that paid apps are as portable and “webby” as possible.
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> I wonder if the firefox marketplace could be a good way to bootstrap 
> the web app eco system ...

Very nice! It should mesh well with Payswarm, WebID, RWW etc..

The schema translates well to a Vocabulary (or Ontology), so Linked Data 
is a no-brainer too!



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