Re: Balanced - a system on which to build a marketplace

On 14 February 2013 17:45, Kumar McMillan <> wrote:

> Not sure if this came up on the list already:
> This isn't decentralized by any means but the concept is it enables you to
> build a marketplace where you sell goods on behalf of other merchants. This
> is an important use case in web payments because it provides an incentive
> to the marketplace by way of transaction fees. There is a lot of potential
> value in building a community for others to participate in and earn money.
> For example, Etsy tapped into a large community of DIY makers by enabling
> them to sell goods online.

Thanks for sharing and a nice simple API

curl \
    -d amount=10000 \
    -d description="Math lesson" \
    -d bank_account[name]="Johann Bernoulli" \
    -d bank_account[account_number]=9900000001 \
    -d bank_account[routing_number]=121000358 \
    -d bank_account[type]=checking \
    -u 7b7a51ccb10c11e19c0a026ba7e239a9:

> Kumar

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