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On 02/09/2013 02:17 PM, Brent Shambaugh wrote:
> I've been looking through the documentation and have been trying to 
> answer the question:  is it possible with Payswarm to donate when 
> accessing a digital resource

Yes, this is possible. The vendor would just set their listing to have
one or more payees that are charities. For example: "When you buy my
album, 80% of the proceeds go to the Red Cross."

Since who is getting paid is public and split at the time of the
transaction, buyers can be sure that their money is actually going to
the Red Cross.

> and bookmark to donate when funds are available? I think use case 2.5
> <1> supports the first, but what about the second?

Hmm, so this would be a delayed donation?

We've discussed scheduled payments before, but that's out of scope for
the PaySwarm protocol itself, it's more of a feature of the PaySwarm
Authority. Instead of a "Buy Now" button, we could treat it as a "Buy
Later" button, and set a trigger on what "later" means.

For example, you could set "later" as:

1. When I have enough money to cover the transaction.
2. At a specific date and time.
3. When 40 other people have bought the item.

I don't see any reason why this needs to be specified in the core
protocol yet (unless anybody else on this list thinks there is a good
reason?). It seems like something PaySwarm Authorities could implement
to differentiate themselves from other PaySwarm Authorities.

-- manu

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