Re: Heads up - W3C Headlights exercise on web payments

On 02/07/2013 10:33 AM, Dave Raggett wrote:
> As you can see, this year we will be looking at Web Payments 
> culminating in a report in June. This is essentially a data gathering
> exercise with the aim of understanding what people want, what W3C
> could hope to achieve practically, and who would work with W3C to
> drive this forward.

This is great, glad to see the W3C is getting more focused on Web Payments!

> The exercise kicks off on Feb 19th, but I wanted to give you a heads
>  up and to extend an invitation to take part. The task force wiki
> page is at:

I agree with the overall goals of the "Task Force", but I do also note
that they overlap, almost completely, with what this Community Group is
doing. The wiki starts out with the following:

> What do people want?

That's what this group is trying to figure out as well. :)

> What can W3C practically achieve?

Good question. Perhaps engaging this group would achieve this more
effectively than running a separate Task Force? Perhaps if the Task
Force were to just operate withing the Web Payments Community Group,
communication would be better?

> Who would work with W3C to drive this forward?

Digital Bazaar is certainly interested in working with W3C to drive this
forward. I'd expect a few others in this group are also interested.
We'll donate a telecon bridge and recording of calls, if that is
desired. We'll also participate in the calls.

> Please subscribe to the public mailing list 

This is going to be really, really confusing for people considering we
already have a mailing list. Just use this
list, don't make us have to join another list that is effectively
attempting to accomplish the same thing that this group is attempting to

I have added some documentation to the related-links section at the
bottom of the wiki.

-- manu

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