Re: trsst microblogging

On the micropayment side, this is now the 4th implementation of the idea
not including my Watershed FOSS project to tackle this issue in basically
the same way.   Non-crowdfunded options that are already available are bitmonet

The microblogging and encrypted communications are interesting, but again
there are lots of options out there for both that haven't taken off.   I've
been pulling back from crowdfunding projects like this recently because
there are so many hands working towards the goal already.

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On Tue, Aug 27, 2013 at 10:05 AM, Steven Rowat <>wrote:

> On 8/26/13 6:58 PM, Melvin Carvalho wrote:
>> If you want to monetize your blogging content, Trsst even provides a
>> digital wallet built in to your account. Envisioning long-term
>> pay-per-view content consumption, Trsst helps bloggers collect
>> microtransaction payments through digital crypto-currency like
>> Bitcoin--for views, shares, likes, or even anonymous donations.
>> twitter-replacement-is-**absolutely-brilliant<>
> I read through this and then his (Michael Powers) "Trsst" Kickstarter page.
> distributed-secure-blog-**platform-for-the-o<>
> I found it a comprehensive presentation, I admit to being excited about
> the possibility: it seems it could bring the following things together:
> --encryption of all our communications (no government/corporate snooping)
> --an open sourced Facebook/Twitter replacement (no corporate control of
> social web)
> --Bitcoin integration into sales of blogs etc. (micropayment with Bitcoin)
> That's a huge chunk, and would, as Michael says, change the world -- if it
> worked. But of course we're dealing with a code-writing promise.
> So I'd like at least some other people on this list, who know much more
> about the technical problems, to look at this and give an opinion.
> My main two questions then would be:
> 1. Is it feasible; and if so:
> 2. Should what the web-payments list is attempting be integrated into it
> from the start?
> I'm willing to put $ into the kickstarter if others think this is an
> important idea and should be supported.
> Steven Rowat

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