Hi everyone,

I just recently joined the group. My background is from the startup world
on the business side opposed to technical. I've known about Bitcoin for a
while but really got into it when I helped relaunch the first American
digital currency exchange as VP of Business Development and Client
Services, Tradehill.  I then was CEO and Co-founder of another digital
currency exchange. Now I'm semi doing some things with mobile (hopefully
within the remittance market). My passion is in payments with an emphasis
on reducing the fees for the remittance market.

What I like about Bitcoin is that it is a settlement method. It's
decentralized. I don't need a bank account. It is relatively fast and cheap
to send. Starting exchanges has made me pretty well versed in the current
regulations, and I rather go over and beyond for compliance. The anonymous
component doesn't interest me and with how the regulations are going in the
US, I doubt it will stay that way.

I think bitcoin can change the world and I've been a huge advocate- whether
in my day to day life or featured in a couple of documentaries. Here is a
trailer <> that I'm in and it may
be at Sundance. I'm not an engineer and I'm able to communicate well with
the general public. I remember the first time I heard about Bitcoin and it
took me a bit to wrap my head around it. I'm excited to learn more about
what this group is doing and hope I can help in some way.


Received on Sunday, 25 August 2013 18:01:06 UTC