Re: Coinbase released a wordpress plugin

On 8/13/13 3:15 PM, Kingsley Idehen wrote:

> I see that Coinbase also offers a payment processing service, and you
> aren't restricted to their wallet.

Very interesting new company; seems well thought-out and funded, at 
least based on their main page self-report. :-)

But also, they explain in their blog (about half-way down the page):

"You Can Now Send Micro-Transactions With Zero Fees".

This section of the blog might be the most succinct explanation of the 
micro-transaction problem and why it's important that I've seen.

And they seem to have a solution for it that is currently operating, 
at least within their own wallet.

Then at the end of the blog they say, about this micro-transaction 

"In the future you might be able to:

     Read the rest of a New York Times article for a few cents using 
BitWall, instead of signing up for a full monthly subscription
     Buy in-game credits without paying 30% in fees to the platform or 
payment processors
     Pay for wifi internet metered by the minute (or second!) if you 
just need to check one email
     Support your favorite artists or coders with a tip
     And many more ideas.

We’re excited to see what you come up with.

Then they link to their API Overview:

I'm not sure the code mechanisms will integrate with what this list is 
doing, but if so it might be a way to make a general solution for the 
web for micro-transactions. (At least for BitCoin -- but who knows, 
maybe that's the only way this problem will be solved).

I know I'm out of my depth here, so pardon me if such integration is 
either obvious or impossible. But just in case it's somewhere in 
between, I didn't want you to miss it.   :-)

Steven Rowat

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