Re: Interview: Kipochi founder Pelle Braendgaard

On 8/6/13 6:04 PM, Pelle Braendgaard wrote:
>     Are you concerned about the instability of the governments over there?
>     Bribery (or "failing" to pay bribes)? Attracting the wrong type of
>     attention from a local militia?
> Not really. We are primarily an internet based business and all 
> important resources are not in Africa. Only a few countries are 
> plagued by local militias so I'm not too worried about that.

Having lived in Nigeria for 14+ years, and even factoring current 
deterioration in local law and order, this solution is the mechanism for 
revitalizing the "System D style economy" that underpins African 
countries like Nigeria. Basically, every family (rich or poor) has 
access to a mobile phone (typically basic and at least capable of SMS).

Militias are most effective when the economy is overly dependent on 
hard-cash. Take out hard-cash and the risks diminish significantly.

IMHO. These kinds of solutions are going to mature in Africa before the 
U.S. truly gets to understand the implication and inherent opportunity 
costs associated with regulations that span 40+ states :-)



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