Re: Interview: Kipochi founder Pelle Braendgaard

On 08/04/2013 03:20 PM, Pelle Braendgaard wrote:
> I'm on this list as well actually. Feel to ask me any questions.

I've got a few :).

First off, great work, Pelle! Very smart move, approaching a population
that already treats mobile wallets and electronic currency as the norm.
Even more cool that you're basing it on Bitcoin.

For those that haven't seen the site yet:

A few questions:

How have you found the regulatory environment over there wrt. Bitcoin?

Is this something you think you'll be able to scale to most of Africa,
South America, India, and Europe?

Why not the US? Regulatory environment? Or something else?

What does Kipochi mean?

Are you concerned about the instability of the governments over there?
Bribery (or "failing" to pay bribes)? Attracting the wrong type of
attention from a local militia?

What's the plan to compete with MPesa? Have you learned things about
MPesa in the last year that surprised/amazed you?

What's the plan to get this app on people's phones? Is the approach
through carriers? Or bottom-up?

Is there a demo of the software that we could look at?

-- manu

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