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Alternative currency resources

From: Andrew Durham <yodrew@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 14:48:54 +0800
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Hi, Everybody,

Here are some resources for alternative currency design.

Thomas Greco, master monetary theorist and practitioner, wrote _The
End of Money and the Future of Civilization_. He calls for a
<a href="http://beyondmoney.net/excerpts/chapter-17-complete-web-based-trading-platform/">web-based
credit clearing system with four essential attributes.</a>
I hope Greco's design criteria can also influence this project's development.

I just finished a maniacal three-week web search for such systems. My
short list follows.

(This is adapted from my blog post,  <a
without debt</a>. I'm hoping there's at least one or two here you
don't already know about :)  )

<a href="http://www.ces.org.za/">Community Exchange System</a>. CES is
international, free, simple, compatible with paper systems,
deceptively lo-fi and super cool. Very close to what the
aforementioned godfather of new money calls for

Other worthy systems:
<a href="http://payswarm.com/">payswarm.com</a> web standards-based,
frictionless, wildly adaptable
<a href="http://picomoney.com/">picomoney.com</a> clever, based on
<a href="http://opentransact.org">opentransact.org</a> which is
similar to payswarm
<a href="http://cyclos.org/">cyclos.org</a> open source software to
run your own bank, complete with free hosting; soul boggling!
<a href="http://ripplepay.com/">ripplepay.com</a> solves LETS
accountability concerns, unfortunately asocial
<a href="http://e-flux.com/timebank">e-flux.com/timebank</a> hip and simple
<a href="http://friendlyfavors.org/">friendlyfavors.org</a> 2nd
largest after CES, most social, clever, and a bit complicated
<a href="http://johnturmel.com/uniset.htm">johnturmel.com/uniset.htm</a>
very simple, start alone now
<a href="http://www.personocratia.com/en/documents/game-full-document.pdf">JEU/GAME</a>
not web but paper-based, very elegant, semi-private, decentralized
accounting, compatible with CES, best for when the lights go out.

CES is the most accessible, practical, and mature. Others, like
payswarm and opentransact, have much greater potential. Open source
money has finally gotten legs, wings... and teeth.
I hope some of the features of these systems can influence this
project's development.


independent researcher in philosophy, health, & design
the darkness conjecture  http://andrewdurham.com
541.210.8470 vm
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