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On 08/14/12 15:17, Melvin Carvalho wrote:
> Just trying to install 

Great :)

> Strangely I could not git clone from my amazon ec2 instance
> fatal:
> download error - The requested URL returned error: 403

Looks like github's clone-via-http is now broken, going to that URL
gives a 403 now when it used to give you a 200.

Try this instead:

git clone git:// payswarm

> Trying wget worked wget

Hmm, I re-wrote the README so that folks don't get the impression that
this should work. This particular install method isn't supported right
now until we get to a commercial release. You'll have to follow the
"Basic Development Install" instructions here:

> make gave ERROR: No git repository found, package building will
> fail.

This is a false negative - it should only give you that /warning/ if
you're trying to build the packages. The Makefile has been updated to
not show this error any longer:

> rm: cannot remove `payswarm-0.9.1/Makefile': No such file or
> directory make: *** [package] Error 1

Hmm, you should only get this error if you're trying to build the source
package... which you don't need to do. :)

> So in the dashboard the plugin shows up, but when I clicked on
> activate I got
> Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ':' in 
> /ebs2/ 
> <> on
> line 746
> $rval = $subject->{$property} ?: array();
> Is line 746 of my file

This was a bug that has been fixed here:

We're also fixed a bug that appeared in the latest release that doesn't
allow you to create a new Vendor identity (needed to register your Web
App store). The bug has been fixed, but we need to do some database
migration to match some other fixes we put into the code over the past
week. We are also improving our continuous integration/release process
so we can shorten the release timeline from 3+ hours to a few minutes.
Hope to have that up and running by the end of the week. I'll ping you
once the new version of the site is out there.

-- manu

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