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Re: First Draft of Payment Links spec published

From: Steven Rowat <steven_rowat@sunshine.net>
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 14:01:06 -0700
Message-ID: <4E94AE92.9090903@sunshine.net>
To: public-webpayments@w3.org
On 10/11/11 9:25 AM, Pelle Braendgaard wrote:
> Great work Manu thanks for taking the initiative here.

+1 on this. And to all the rest of you working in this group.

Considering what's happening financially globally, and especially 
what's happening in the US right now, it's possible that what you're 
doing here will become extremely important much more quickly than 
anyone imagined. In support of that idea, here's an interesting quote 
from a CNN web story:

"The Occupy movement shows few signs of slowing down. Rallies and 
marches have been held in numerous towns and cities in recent days, 
with many more planned.

That includes a "Call to Action Against Banks" planned for Saturday, 
which New York's Occupy Wall Street announced on its Facebook site.

"No longer will banks take our homes. No longer will banks rob 
students of our future. No longer will banks destroy the environment. 
No longer will banks fund the misery of war. No longer will banks 
cause massive unemployment. And no longer will banks create and profit 
from economic crisis without a struggle," according to the online 
message Monday."

Very few people would understand me at this moment I know: but I think 
this group is on the frontline of that struggle.

Here's the CNN page:

The original they are quoting from, with the rest of the "Call To 
Action Against Banks" can be found here:


Steven Rowat
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