W3C / WPIG / PSD2 major update

Hi All,

With help of Frédéric and following the proposal made at the last IG Telcon, here is the update of the page on PSD2 with use cases. https://www.w3.org/Payments/IG/wiki/PSD2

The issues raised by the PSD2 are in the same trends with those raised on using the Credit Transfer for the API : it is no more a bilateral paradigm but a multilateral  paradigm (where traceability, integrity and multiple authentication should be consistent).

If we look at the conceptual level we could see that this new paradigm had been explored :

-          With 3DS enhancing classical card flows

-          With  BIP70 that proposes an additional flow for purchasing with Bitcoin

-          With SCAI in order to generalise the model to any payment mechanism.

I am looking forward discussing all those interesting concepts with you next Monday.


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