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RE: ***CAUTION_Invalid_Signature*** Emerging WPIG face-to-face agenda

From: <Joerg.Heuer@telekom.de>
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2016 18:09:27 +0100
To: <msporny@digitalbazaar.com>
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Hello Manu,

As I already noted in the Web Payments IG, my groups work has started about the time OpenID got famous. We participated in OIF and InfoCard Foundation among others. Over time I noticed that identity is usually ill-defined and different people have different understanding of it, requiring different things from one and the same technology. (Which would explain some of the effects, you reported about.)

Since about eight years we've worked to overcome the problem by allowing different use cases, different protocols and credential types be handled in a single user-friendly pattern. "Basically - a user-centric usage pattern for *-centric identity, credentials and entitlements". The approach doesn't actually 'solve' any single problem, but it lets different technologies solve the problems they are designed to solve, putting them into a generic kind of 'meta credential' format. The format is flexible enough to allow for 'Payment Credentials', 'Identity Credentials' and any many other type of credentials being handled.

I'd like to introduce Peter Hofmann from our team to this list. Peter will join in here and should be helpful in determining whether this approach is of relevance in this context here. He knows how it works and has access to all of the documents produced during our work.

I'd be happy if you considered to discuss these 'Meta Credentials' and I offer to give a presentation on the solution approach, (more or less ;-) detailed data structure, software architecture and the resulting APIs and flows at the F2F.


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Hello WPIG,

With today’s call we have an emerging FTF agenda [1] with a number of commitments from people to lead sessions.
Many thanks to those who have volunteered. As of today:

  * US Fed Faster Payments evaluation criteria and what they mean for Web standards (Pat Adler)
  * Verifiable Attributes Task Force Update, review of draft materials (Manu Sporny)
  * ISO20022 Harmonization task force update (Vincent Kuntz)
  * Inter Ledger Protocol Update (Adrian Hope-Bailie)
  * Blockchain and the Web (Erik Anderson)
  * PSD2, technical standards development, and what it means for Web standards needs (Evert Fekkes)
  * Checking in on the status of the IG (David Ezell)

  * ECommerce Update (e.g., Workshop plans)

Comments welcome. If you have any desire to help shape a session, please contact the session lead directly.

Thank you,


[1] https://www.w3.org/Payments/IG/wiki/Main_Page/FTF_Feb2016

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