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Some thoughts about the use cases

From: David Jackson <david.dj.jackson@oracle.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2015 06:43:29 -0700 (PDT)
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A few things that jump out at me .


It seems there is a participant missing -- issuer.  Or the entity which creates, controls, and verifies the account holder's information.  It seems to be related to the payments instrument but is commonly used especially in the card systems as you know.  Am I misreading -- e.g. -- this concept is encapsulated elsewhere?  Maybe in 5.4.2 is the concept of the issuer of the payment instrument?


On the "Hold offers" -- this use case is very real but in the exact format used in the text, it may be subject to the Secure Payments Framework for Hospitality.  This is just a note about the possibility that a scheme not well known might apply in specific industries.


For 5.2.2 -- Privacy Protection -- it seems there are two areas of assistance that merchants may like to use to help clients.  In this use case -- the issue of a delivery address becomes a potential crack in the "privacy" of the transaction.  Also, since billing address is nearly universally required this seems to not be private at all.  So this might use some work.


On 5.3.3 KYC -- there are a few subcases ... This one focuses on dollar amount for the transaction, but there are other cases like specific types of customers being disallowed for purchasing certain items (easiest case -- age and cough medicine or alcohol).  But it could also involve types of products and location of the requester.  Certain technologies cannot be sold to or shipped to certain countries.


Not certain how to edit or make changes here so will offer up the comments for now .

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