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I'm happy to assist but won't be able to get to this until my return from vacation on 5/11. In the meantime perhaps my colleagues Katy and Pat can help. 


Claudia Swendseid

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[Resending as I sent to a bad list previously; sorry!]

Claudia, Erik, David,

I would like to be sure that groups outside of the Interest Group are aware of our FPWD. Our charter
lists a number of dependencies, which would be a good starting point:

I would like to discuss plan for reaching out to those groups and any other bodies we want to inform, including:

* Identifying the groups and contacts for the groups
* Sending them an invitation to review the document (see draft below)
* Tracking invitations and responses.

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Dear @@@,

On 16 April 2015, the W3C Web Payments Interest Group [1] published:

Web Payments Use Cases 1.0

This document is a prioritized list of Web payments use cases. Guided
by these use cases, the W3C Web Payments Interest Group plans to
derive architecture and associated technology requirements to
integrate payments into the Open Web Platform.

We invite your feedback on <> to
help us improve the document. Please note that comments sent to that
list are publicly archived [2].

The Interest Group holds its next face-to-face meeting 16-18 June
when we plan to process early feedback on this draft. Any feedback
you have by early June would be greatly appreciated.

To learn more about this group's goals and the anticipated benefits
of improved payments on the Web, please see:

Thank you,

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