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> On Apr 27, 2015, at 8:32 AM, Erik Anderson <> wrote:
> On 2015-04-24 00:55, Manu Sporny wrote:
>> I took an action today to try and attempt to figure out how to
>> prioritize payment architecture features and map them to use cases:
> Isnt this a case of cart before the horse? As discussed, next step is Payment Agent Summary Requirements.
> 1) Usecases

In order for us to get some standards work going this year, we need to prioritize those use cases. That’s the point of
this particular exercise.

> 2) Payment Agent Summary Requirements
>   - Mapping those to Use Cases

I think we are starting to call this “Architectural Vision.” The idea is to have a high-level description of the general
technical direction and possibly some broad technical requirements.

> 3) Proposal for new W3C Working Groups (Likely this will happen at the F2F)
> 4) Payment Agent Detailed Requirements
>   - Bi-directional mapping between Use Cases and Summary Requirements

Right. The detailed technical requirements will be grounded in the use cases. 

The draft charter(s) available at the FTF will make some assumptions about our direction (leveraging the vision piece).
The requirements will continue and by the time the new group(s) start we should have a healthy set of requirements as

> 5) Final proposal of new W3C Working Groups and work delegation to existing W3C groups.

Yes, although my sense is that this will be staggered:

 * In August we will propose 1 or a small number of groups to the W3C Membership.  
 * We may also express some  needs to other groups, or suggest that W3C consider chartering work on various topics not 
   specific to payments (but with payments requirements as input).
 * We’ll probably continue, then to articulate requirements into the latter part of the year, for any new groups that 
    result from our chartering effort or efforts of others.


> The payment agent features and requirements are kind-of interchangeable but the approaches are very different when talking features vs requirements. Of course, diagrams are always used to tell the story at any phase.
> Erik

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