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> On Apr 24, 2015, at 3:50 AM, Adrian Hope-Bailie <> wrote:
> Hi Pat,
> I'm still not clear on what our goal is in writing this document. Has this been agreed and captured somewhere? If not, can we put it on the agenda for today.

I think of it as a high-level communications tool. When people ask us “what will our work look like?” there are many kinds of answers, including:

 * Here are some familiar pain points we plan to address.
 * Here’s how the experience will be different for users, merchants, banks, etc.
 * In technical terms, we envision a Web of payment agents that exchange messages so that people can pay, apply offers, get discounts, etc.

There are likely other answers people give as well. I think all of the above are useful, but Pat and I have been discussing the
third one this week. 

I’ve been thinking about the following related but separate efforts:

 * See if we can build a shared vision (at a high-level) of what’s going on (That’s the discussion Pat and I noodled on this week)

 * What are the requirements suggested by the use cases? That’s work I thought Pat and I would focus on this week, and we
   made some progress (see “scaffolding” below) but we kept returning to the first topic. I have come to agree with Pat that
   if we have a shared understanding (both about the high-level payment agent story and the scaffolding) it will be easier for
   more people to do use case analysis independently (and also then aggregate our findings).

 * Is there an extensible architecture for addressing the use cases? To me that’s the next level of detail below the high-level

Unfortunately I will miss the call today due to another payments-related call. Have a good discussion!


> Adrian
> On 24 April 2015 at 04:26, Adler, Patrick <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Sorry for not being able to make the call this morning.  I have reviewed the minutes from the meeting and have tried to pull together an agenda for tomorrow to discuss some of the key questions from todays call and work towards kicking things into high gear. Please let me know if there are any updates or additional topics and I will be happy to add them.
> ========== 
> Web Payments IG - Payments Agent Task Force Meeting Friday, April 24th
> Time: 13:30 UTC
> Web Payments IG Telecon Bridge Phone US: +1.617.761.6200 x9729 ("WPAY”) 
> IRC:
> Duration: 60 minutes 
> Scribes: Zakim, need to assign scribe
> ==========
> Rough Agenda Draft 
> 1. Agenda Bashing 
> 2. Discuss/Review Key Concepts and Framework for Facilitating Requirements Capture and Architecture Narrative/Vision 
> - Key Terms/Concepts to discuss:
> - Payment Agent (incl. Web of Payment Agents)
> - Account
> - Account Provider
> - Authorized User
> 3. Discuss/Review Likely Interfaces and Communication Boundaries
> - Agent to Agent
> - Agent to Account
> 4. Discuss “Scaffolding” categories for helping to group/structure like requirements and provide input to workgroups
> - User Agent integration
> - Identification and Discovery – Includes Identification and privacy needs of broad number of constructs (Users, Payment Agents, Accounts, Account Providers, etc)
> - Payment Information/Content
> - Credentials
> - Authentication/Authorization
> - Digital Signatures
> - Digital Contracts (Conditional Payments)
> - Loyalty
> - Discounts
> - Offers
> - Taxation
> - Currency Differences (Forex)
> - Generic Payment messaging / Scheme Containers
> - Clearing and Settlement
> - Payment Scheduling (recurring payments)
> - Delivery and Shipping
> - Regulatory / Jurisdictional
> - Account registration and provisioning
> - Security and auditing
> - Non-functional requirements
> 5. Assign action items and due dates for input to requirements and first integrated draft
> Looking forward to talking to everyone on the call.
> Pat
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