RE: Trading Use Case TF call time for Payment Agent?

Hello all,

As I recently hardly found the time to attend the calls or to do the work that was due, I'd try to keep things in a narrow time focus, assuming that others might have similar problems. Nevertheless I see the necessity to collaborate more intensely and boost internal exchange. In this sense - a big 'Thank you' to Manu for bringing this up.

Perhaps the time should be used for those who signal need on Fridays to align work on an operational or more technical level. Could also help sub-teams to agree on what to contribute next Friday as a joint result.


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Hi Manu,

Thanks for bringing this up.  Just a couple of quick thoughts.  I'd be open to having some extra time to discuss Architecture topics and given that the focus is starting to shift more heavily on getting the architecture FPWD into shape, this makes sense.  About the only question that I have is given that the use case calls are on Thursday and the Architecture calls on Friday, this would only give us about 24 hours to make progress between these two calls.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, perhaps it is just a question about how to best make use of the time on the calls.  For example, maybe each call can have a discrete focus, perhaps on a section of the document.  I'd be interested in hearing everyone's thoughts on how we might make use of the time.  Also, I won't be able to make a call this week at the standing Use Case call time, so I personally would prefer to start this with the call beginning with the one on the 23rd.

Thanks again for the suggestion and for offering up the time©. Looking forward to hearing others thoughts..


On 4/14/15 11:15 PM, "Manu Sporny" <> wrote:

>At present, we only have around 6 calls left to finish out the Payment 
>Agent FPWD.
>We could allocate the remaining Use Case TF time to Payment Agent as 
>well, giving us 12 calls before the June deadline. We need all the time 
>we can get to whip that document into shape.
>Thoughts from Pat, Joerg? Thoughts from the group?
>-- manu
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