[use_cases] Two suggestions post FPWD

Hi Manu,

After a chat today on the use cases document, I’d like to make two suggestions. (I hope I understood the suggestions
well and are characterizing them correctly.)

The first is to add a use cases under discovery of accepted schemes. The use case brought to my attention is where
the payment schemes acceptable to the merchant may depend on the merchant’s existing relationship to the customer.
I understood that in some cases, the merchant may prefer to accept payments using a particular scheme that may
be less expensive to use, but with fewer fraud protections. The merchant may prefer this scheme for well-known
customers or suppliers, but prefer a different scheme for first-time customers or where there is greater perceived risk.

Thus, we might add something like this:

Customer Relation: Tim is a frequent customer of HouseAndTools. Because he has logged in and is trusted, HouseAndTools offers @@need a payment scheme name@@ as the preferred (@@or only?@@) acceptable payment scheme.
    Goals: Lower Costs
    Motivation: Knowledge (and trust) about the payer can inform the payee’s choice of acceptable payment schemes.


The second point that was made is that it would be interesting to connect our work more explicitly with the Internet/Web of Things.
Although this is implicit from the beginning of the document (we define “entity” as "A person, organization, or software agent that is capable of interacting with the world.”), we do not refer to Internet of Things in the document, and we do not have any related use cases. (Or if we do,
we should make the connection to IOT more explicit.)

Thank you,


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Received on Wednesday, 8 April 2015 23:16:13 UTC