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On 03/30/2015 06:34 PM, David Ezell wrote:
> 1) Refunds are given customers in the normal course of business, and
>  constitute a business transaction. 2) Reversals are a messaging 
> detail (maybe important to us) to help assure the transaction has the
> property of being idempotent - no double billing.  Reversing a 
> transaction that doesn't exist or has already been reversed has no 
> effect.
> Those are how I'm familiar with the terms.
> I thought we discussed these definitions before, but I could be wrong
> - could be some other group of people at some other time.

We did briefly discuss the difference between the two terms before but I
don't think we translated the discussion into a group decision.

Merely looking at the dictionary definition and etymology of the words,
refund is the more specific term and that is what we are talking about
in the use cases.

All references to 'reversal' in the document have been changed to
'refund' because 1) its the more specific term and what we're actually
talking about in the document, and 2) most people will understand what a
'refund' is more readily than they'll understand what we mean by 'reversal'.


-- manu

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