OWL Web Ontology Language Guide Editorial Comments

OWL Web Ontology Language Guide Editorial Comments


Several nit picky typos and minor recommendations for finalizing this
excellent introduction to OWL:


Table of Contents - "4.3" shows up twice


Section 1.1., OWL DL bullet, recommend "computable and decidable"
instead of "computed and decidability"


Section 1.2, The examples section 2.1 and 2.2 suggest that the document
is primarily describing the wine ontology, but then in the middle of
3.1.1, we start discussing classes that are in the food ontology.  The
reader should be warned in the last sentence of 1.2 that examples from
the two ontologies are intermixed.


Section 2.1, paragraph that starts "As an aid...", recommend changing


Section 2.1, use of xml:base never explained


Section 3.1.1, paragraph beginning "Another form..." says that
rdf:about="#x" syntax permits the extension of the imported definition
of x.  However, I would think that if x was imported, we would have to
provide its full URI since it's part of an attribute value.


Section 3.1.1, paragraph beginning "In the world", recommend changing
"both" to "each" to avoid confusing reader.


Section 3.1.3, levels of representation bullet, recommend removing "It
is well known that"


Section 3.1.3., paragraph beginning "Note that the same", recommend
rewording second sentence to:  "Each instance of Wine in the example
ontology could be designated in a differently designed ontology  to be
the class consisting..."


Section 3.1.3, paragraph beginning "In a similar vein", last sentence
says "as discussed above".  I couldn't find the discussion above.


Section 3.1.3, paragraph beginning "Adding that the wine", second to
last sentence, Wine should either be generic with small W or Courier
font to identify as the Wine class in the example.


Section 3.2.1, paragraph starting "Notice how", recommend rewording last
sentence to "...while those that contain others (have things LocatedIn
them) must be regions."


Section 3.2.1, paragraph starting "It is now..." states that concept of
regions and WineGrapes can now be introduced, but never expands with


Section 3.2.2, first paragraph, recommend changing "individuals to
datatypes" to "individuals to RDF literals and XMLS datatypes"


Section 3.2.2, first paragraph, "use of simple types" to "use of a
subset of simple types"


Section 3.2.2, second paragraph, first sentence, "many" to "most"


Section 3.2.2, paragraph beginning "Datatype properties",
"xdt:positiveInteger" should be "&xsd;positiveInteger"


Section 3.3.2, recommend removing parenthesis from second paragraph.


Section 3.4.2 (and previously), I'm unclear why the nonNegativeInteger
datatype is explicitly stated in the cardinality properties since their
range is already restricted to nonNegativeIntegers


Section 3.4.2, paragraph starting with "Cardinality expressions", it's
unclear whether "cardinality expressions" is meant to include
minCardinality and maxCardinality.  If it is, then cases of min 0, max
0, and card 0 should be added to second sentence.  If it's meant to only
refer to Cardinality itself, the descriptions in second sentence are
misleading because the only cases are 0 and 1.


Section 5.1.3, last word, "France" should be in regular font since it's
not used in the example, but refers to "#FrenchRegion" which is.


Section 5.3, first sentence, recommend changing "constructor" to


Cross Reference appears to be missing AnnotationProperty (discussed in


Cross Reference appears to be missing OntologyProperty, dataRange,
seeAlso, and isDefinedBy (unless they've been removed and I haven't
stayed up to date).


I hope this helps.  These suggestions are meant to make it easier for
readers to understand this very helpful document.








Received on Wednesday, 14 January 2004 14:36:35 UTC