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OWL Web Ontology Language
W3C Working Draft 31 March 2003


* In the guide document on OWL, you have written :

>     The rdf:about attribute provides a name or reference for the 
>ontology. Where the value of the attribute is "", the standard case, 
>the name of the ontology is the base URI of the owl:Ontology 
>element. Typically, this is the URI of the document containing the 
>ontology. An exception to this is a context that makes use of 
>xml:base which may set the base URI for an element to something 
>other than the URI of the current document.

What's happening in case of conflicts between xml:base and rdf:about?

* You said

>	Tools will respond to this situation in an implementation 
>defined manner.

Free to implementations is dangerous and leads to lack of 
interoperability. You should define what the implementation should do 
in this case. Return of a code, etc.

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