Re: typo error in (normative) appendix B of OWL Reference

At 17:50 +0800 4/1/03, Yuzhong Qu wrote:
>"rdf:resource" should be rdfs:Resource.
>BTW, there are a lot of discrepancies between OWL AS&S and OWL 
>Reference, why not build a normative OWL/XML syntax?
>Yuzhong Qu
>Dept.Computer Science and Engineering
>Southest University, Nanjing, China

We expect to be releasing a new (Last Call) version of these 
documents very soon.  In that version, we should have fixed these 
discrepancies.  Please check the W3C site later this week to get the 
Last Call versions of the documents, and if you find discrepancies 
please point them out to us.
  The WG decided not to do a normative syntax as one of the features 
of RDF is that the same underlying graph can be built via multiple 
syntactic realizations.  In the new versions of the reference and the 
Guide we offer many more examples and demonstrations of correct 
syntax -- even though it is not normative, it should make it much 
easier to learn correct OWL.
  Please let us know if the new documents meet your needs.

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