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Fedora API Specification

From: Melvin Carvalho <melvincarvalho@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2017 21:54:34 +0200
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*Fedora API Specification*

This specification refines the semantics and interaction patterns of [LDP
<https://fcrepo.github.io/fcrepo-specification/#bib-LDP>] in order to
better serve the specific needs of those interested in implementing
repositories for durable access to digital data. Additionally, this
specification contains:

   - a reconciliation of [LDP
   <https://fcrepo.github.io/fcrepo-specification/#bib-LDP>] and the
   version identification and navigation scheme delineated in the Memento
   specification [RFC7089
   - integration with the Web Access Control proposal [SOLIDWEBAC
   - a design for the publication of asynchronous events emitted from an
   - and interaction patterns for use with binary fixity information.

The goal of this specification is to define the behaviors of Fedora server
implementations in order to facilitate interoperability with client
applications. Although Fedora servers are not necessarily drop-in
replacements for one another, a client developed against this specification
should work against any Fedora server with little modification. Client
applications should not expect the behaviors of every Fedora server
implementation to be identical, but the interaction patterns defined in
this specification should provide a sufficient mechanism to navigate the
differences between Fedora server implementations

Interesting spec, thanks to Sarven for the pointer! :)
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