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Quoting Seth Russell (2013-09-26 16:51:54)
> I think you missed the point.   How does the client know to whom they 
> talk?  The <Organization> should be filled in on these certificates.  
> Certificate authorities are suppose to require verifiable  bona fides 
> from those to whom they issue certificates.  That's what we pay for.  
> Now i certainly acknowledge that doesn't really make the net more 
> trustworthy ... but that is what it was suppose to accomplish.  Do we 
> now need to acknowledge that the Emperor has no clothes?  How about 
> ICANN issueing these certificates free - just fill out the form - no 
> questions asked - no bona fides at all needed or asked for.

I may very well have missed what you intended to ask, but your actual 
question was if "this way of certifying actually certify anything to a 
information consumer?", and it does.

Cheap certificates do certify something.  Less than higher quality 
certificates, and possible not enough for your liking, but something.

 - Jonas

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