Re: Request for Review of WebID specs before publishing

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> Hopefully, third times a charm:
> See:  .
> ## Raw Turtle Data 
> @prefix foaf: <> .
> @prefix card: <>
>  .
>    card: a foaf:PersonalProfileDocument;
>    foaf:maker card:i;
>    foaf:primaryTopic card:i.
>    card:i a foaf:Person;
>    foaf:name "Tim Berners-Lee";
>    foaf:knows <>, <>;
>    foaf:depiction <>.
> ##
> What's the aim?
> - To change relative hash URI's into absolute?

I think the relative URLs are key. The relation between the WebID Profile Document and the WebID
is made clearest by the notation such as either

 <#me> a foaf:Person .

But the problem with this is that for servers that have different URLs for each of 
the representations, this way of writing things means that the WebID for <card.n3>, 
<card.ttl>, <card.rdf>, <card.jsonld> will end up being respectively
<card.n3#me>, <card.ttl#me>, <card.rdf#me> and <card.jsonld#me>

it is better then to write in each of the representations 

 <card#me> a foaf:Person .
where <card> is the content negotiated document.

I can see that a NTriples version of the same file could be helpful. But the 
origin of the resource needs to be carefully marked.

In any case I think we should explain the above problem, as it is one people
will make quite easily and unconsciously. 

> - To help legibility?

I think adding an @prefix would be better for that, or a statement of where the
document was served from exactly.

Having an NTriples version of the file may help for beginners.

> - To replace "me" with "i"?

That's up to the editor. Not a big deal.

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