Formal WebID Teleconf Friday February 1 2013 15:00UTC

Meeting Time:
Friday 1 February, 15:00 UTC, 16:00 Paris, 10:00 New York
full time zone information:
tel: +1-617-761-6200
irc: irc://


Meeting Minutes from last time


Let's close some actions: 
I propose doing this in Bulk. Closing

- "Cross reference SocialWeb XG stories with WebID XG. There will be a handful of intersections that make sense to further develop" 
  close:  way overdue 
- "Write a small wiki page on ldap protocol answering the questions: what is the schema for publc key in ldap, what dereferencing methods are there + section of links to implementations and small explanation." 
  close: ldp is no longer in scope for the group 
- "J├╝rgen Jakobitsch to put up thesaurus wiki available to team"
 close: I think it may have been done, but I am not sure we need it, though it is a nice demo
- "Fix respec.js errors in the spec"
- "Explain on the wiki how to configure WebID on Apache Tomcat"

WebID Definition

Current results of vote. Discussion of where to go from there 

Security & Privacy Section


- To add: some form of explanation that the information in a WebID profile is
only as trustworthy as the trust one puts in that URL. 

btw. this means that tools like MyProfile need to think about how to guard
against someone putting up a fake profile of me. Anyone could do that at
present. So the importance of understanding the way someone is related in the
social network becomes paramount. 

Use Case and Requirements Document

we have the following two pages up:


We are still looking at how to proceed here.

Please mention ISSUE-41 in your mail, so we can find it quickly from the

I have opened ISSUE-41.

Web Access Control

Report from Andrei on the situation.


Social Web Architect
Social Web Architect

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