Re: Web chat app over web sockets

Nice app, but really bad demo of WebID.

The whole point of WebID is to use the data at the WebID Profile to 
improve the UI and not to stick to the plain URI
(  see for the meaning of those terms. )

For a  good example is to be found at

It's been about 3 years that I tell Melvin that the minimum is to not show the WebID URI
in the UI but to use the foaf file to find the users name and picture and use that information.
Showing people a URI just makes WebID look stupid and a bad authentication mechanism.

Melvin can't code that apparently in three years, even though he's hanging 
around on all the channels and knows exactly  where the code is to do that
( e.g.: )

I have had undergraduate javascript starters do whole Social Web apps that can do
that and more in js in a couple of months work. See for example

and that was using tools that were in very early beta.

so perhaps someone can  help Melvin do at least one demo that uses linked data
a little bit more than just minor adaptations of some online web2.0 articles.

On 4 Jan 2013, at 18:25, Melvin Carvalho <> wrote:

> I had a couple of hours free so I quickly prototyped something I've been wanting to do for a while.   A web chat app over websockets.
> It works over web sockets and will prepopulate your name with the webid in your certificate if you have one
> It also support multiple chatrooms by adding a subdomain e.g.
> Apologies in advance, given the time constraints, the UI is not as user friendly as I would like it to be, but maybe over time it an improve.  
> Am also thinking of adding encryption or a more skype like interface which shows names, pictures and has sound notifications.
> Maybe if I get some time free, or if someone wishes to add some code, just let me know!

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