Reminder - Formal WebID Teleconf Friday January 11 2013 15:00UTC

Happy new year all,

Hi please remember to have your use cases ready and
to mail them or a pointer to them to the list by 
Tuesday so that other folks can look at them for the
discussion on Friday.

Meeting Time:
Friday 11 January, 15:00 UTC, 16:00 Paris, 10:00 New York
full time zone information:
tel: +1-617-761-6200
irc: irc://


Theme Moving to larger problems and new tasks.

Use Case and Requirements Document

we have the following two pages up:


Could every group attending the meeting please send in their use cases 
and requirements to the list by Tuesday 8th January 2011 so that every 
other members of the conf call can have time to read them. 

Please mention ISSUE-41 in your mail, so we can find it quickly from the

I have opened ISSUE-41.

Web Access Control

- Moving this over to WebID CG as it is an important use case of ours.
- should we also start a spec on this? Currently there is the wiki

WebID hash questionnaire   

The questionnaire gives the definition of each of the three options 
as shown
and points to that wiki page.
Each person voting can choose to give a value to each choice from 1-3, 
"don't mind", or "don't want" as well as leave a comment.

The questionnaire will be here ( though currently it is not visible I think )

- Settle on timing for questionnaire 

- Settle on type of questionnaire:
+ For each W3C member organisation (formal vote)
+ for each individual

- Settle on meaning of result:
 e.g.: binding until formation of WG


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