Re: Should specifications take sides in the httpRange-14 debate?

On 11/21/12 8:10 AM, Henry Story wrote:
>>     I think there Larry makes a good point with regard to URI/URLs.
>>     Now that we have
>>     agreed to restrict to http/https URI's we should use the URI
>>     term, as that deals
>>     with internationalisation.
>> you mean IRI right? That was also part of Antoine's feedback to 
>> switch from URI to IRI.
> We go for what we need. Larry wrote:
> "The design proposed is one where there is a WebID protocol element 
> whose value resembles a URL (not a URI? Surely you are not planning on 
> requiring the non-English world to use ASCII WebIDs?) "
> It seems that URIs are enough for that problem.

You are being selective again. You use IRI once internationalization is 
a factor, end of story.



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