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Days 2 at TPAC

From: Henry Story <henry.story@bblfish.net>
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2012 06:49:03 +0100
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Here is a quick summary of the following 2 days:

Day 2

  On day 2 in the morning there was a long discussion of what a WebID was, and it was settled that

A WebID is a hash HTTP URI which denotes an Agent. You can GET an RDF model as TURTLE.

 This definition can be improved still, within limits of the very strong arguments put forward
in the discussion (e.g. I think one should add: 
   "and the RDF model contains a definite description of the subject"
Here is the detailed discussion:
 We can then define WebID over TLS as one authentication method, and WebID over say BrowserId as another method, using conceptually the same logic. Furthermore we can also show how this integrates with OpenId and  OAuth at the reasoning layer. This was shown by a nice picture TimBL drew up on the white board here:


In the afternoon we spoke about Test Suites and I resolved with unanimous approval to
write a test server. :-) 

  The we had two very good Demos. Romain presented his Social Web server LifeShare
written entirely using a very early version of the Linked Data Platform. He had put together
a video for this too some time ago for those not present


  We also had a really amazing demo by Bart van Leeuwen, a real Firefighter in Amsterdam
on how he developed tools to help firefighters that use linked data to get the latest information
about an incident. WebID would be very useful for such tools, as it could for example allow
firefighters access in emergency situations to information that companies usually consider 


We also talked about certificate selection, but decided there was need for more research.


Social Web Architect

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