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Fwd: gnome-keyring ANNOUNCE: gcr 3.4.0

From: Melvin Carvalho <melvincarvalho@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2012 15:17:04 +0200
Message-ID: <CAKaEYh+DYynm4_1Jdjerk2krHh7SrBg1q0XOaOa11GK28u7H+w@mail.gmail.com>
To: public-webid <public-webid@w3.org>

  * Support for dynamically loading private key data from PKCS#11

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From: Stef Walter <stefw@gnome.org>
Date: 26 March 2012 14:50
Subject: gnome-keyring ANNOUNCE: gcr 3.4.0
To: gnome-keyring-list@gnome.org, gnome-announce-list@gnome.org

gcr is a library for bits of crypto and security UI, parsing etc. It used
to be part of gnome-keyring. It also provides a viewer and importer for
certificates and private keys.

This is a stable release.

Important Notes:

 * Split out of gnome-keyring 3.2.x

 * Dependencies are glib, gtk3, p11-kit, libgcrypt

Changes between 3.2.x and 3.4.0:

 * Expose the non-pageable memory API
 * Added a prompter API used by gnome-keyring for shell integration
 * Add support for parsing certificate requests and displaying them in
  the viewer, both PKCS#10 and SPKAC formats.
 * Support for dynamically loading private key data from PKCS#11
 * Add API for creating certificate requests.
 * Show import errors clearly in the viewer.
 * Don't show empty dates when viewing GnuPG keys
 * Additional fixes and refactoring for the GCK PKCS#10 API
 * Fix up the copyright headers
 * Updated translations
 * Build fixes

Details of changes between 3.2.x and 3.4.0:

Colin Walters (3):
     build: Don't reference uninstalled gck
     autogen.sh: Make executable
     gcr-secure-memory: Fix prototype to match implementation

Gabor Kelemen (1):
     Include gi18n-lib.h in library sources instead of gi18n.h

Jordi Mallach (1):
     Fix copyright headers.

Piotr Drąg (2):
     Updated POTFILES.in
     Updated Polish translation

Ryan Lortie (2):
     various srcdir != builddir fixes
     Change style of toplevel installed headers

Stef Walter (143):
     Fix problem with doap file syntax
     Update glib dependency for 2.30.0
     gck: Add gck_session_find_handles() and friends
     gcr: Fix documentation build by linking to right library
     gck: Fix build issue on i686 where sizeof (gsize) != sizeof (CK_UL
     gck: Enumerator can now retrieve object attributes
     gck: Documentation fix up
     gck: Add gck_slot_enumerate_objects() function
     gcr: Function to emit notify on GcrCertificate props for data chan
     gcr: Add password icon
     gcr: Fix up docs and symbols
     Add gnupg, and cleanup icon rendering
     gcr: Add function to get the elements of a union collection
     Release version 3.3.1
     Bump version number
     gcr: Don't include main headers in individual components
     gcr: Fix building of introspection dependencies
     Release version
     Bump version number
     gck: Remove duplicate typedef of GckObjectAttributes
     gcr: Remove redefinition of GcrRenderer typedef
     Remove g_thread_init() calls.
     gcr: Fix gobject-introspection build ... again
     Ignore coverage file types for git inclusion
     gck: Add methods for opening and logging in that accept interactio
     gck: Don't try and discard handle for session that was not opened
     gck: Remove unneeded variable in gck_session_from_handle()
     gck: GTlsInteraction is set on sessions, not slots
     gck: Fix documentation
     gck: Allow enumerating objects on a session
     gck: Chaining of enumerators
     gck: Add gck_attribute_hash and cleanup for use in hash table
     gck: gck_attribute_get_string() should not return a NULL string
     gck: fix symbols file
     gcr: Add GcrFilterCollection
     gck: Allow generating key without getting out key objects
     gck: Fix annotations for array and out params in GckSession
     gcr: Add tree and list mode for GcrCollectionModel
     gcr: Allow changing the collection on a GcrCollectionModel
     Fix problem where test sources were being ignored by git.
     gck: Fix regression in gck_slot_open_session_finish
     Ignore editor backup files
     gck: Fix problem where gck_slot_open_session_async() leaked object
     gcr: Add missing symbols to gcr.symbols
     gck: Make gck_attributes_unref take a pointer
     gcr: Use GBytes immutable ref counted byte buffers
     Add valgrind memory checking and fix up errors
     egg: Remove usage of libtasn1.h
     Release 3.3.2
     Bump version number
     Fix bugs and unused code highlighted by the clang static analyzer
     Don't include internal glib headers
     Release version
     gcr: Add support for parsing PKCS#10 and SPKAC formats
     gcr: Add support for viewing certificate requests
     egg: Rename egg_asn1x_xxx_raw_element() to egg_asn1x_xxx_element_r
     egg: Expose ASN.1 node types
     egg: In egg_assert_cmpmem() output printable without encoding
     egg: Rework egg_assert_cmpbytes()
     egg: Encode DER tag classes correctly
     egg: Fix regression of DER choice encoding
     egg: Add support for building simple DNs
     gck: add gck_attributes_set() and gck_attributes_set_all() functio
     gcr: Implement functions for loading and using SubjectPublicKeyInf
     gcr: Add GcrCertificateRequest class for requesting certificates
     gcr: Document GcrCertificateRequest
     gcr: Rename GcrCertificateReqRenderer to GcrCertificateRequestRend
     gcr: Add missing symbols, and build fixes
     gck: Change gck_object_get attr_types arguments to const
     gcr: Add support for encoding certificate requests as PEM
     gcr: Support plain RSA signing
     gcr: Update documentation and symbols
     gcr: Fix build gulong != gsize
     gck: Retrieve attributes in GckEnumerator properly
     gcr: Add gcr_certificate_get_xxx_name()
     gcr: Add gcr_certificate_get_basic_**constraints()
     gck: Make the gck_attributes_to_string() function public
     gcr: Fix invalid memory access in _gcr_records_parse_colons()
     gcr: Show import errors in an info bar under the viewer
     gcr: Don't show empty dates in gnupg key renderer
     gcr: Fix problem looking up the renderers
     gcr: Parse gnupg import errors correctly to GError result
     gcr: Fix testing errors
     Fix build for glib 2.31 deprecations
     Bump version number for upcoming release
     egg: Make secure memory pool shared across modules
     gck: Add GckBuilder as a mutable attribute set
     gck: Add floating references to GckAttributes
     gck: Rename GckObjectAttributes to GckObjectCache
     gck: Add documentation for newly functions
     gck: Bump gck libtool version, as we removed interfaces from libgc
     Revert changes to libtool version and removed API
     gcr: GcrKeyRenderer has a writable object and attributes propertie
     gcr: Fix invalid cast in GcrPkcs11Importer
     gcr: Check for invalid attributes when creating subject public key
     egg: Check that bytes are valid when they come into ASN.1
     gcr: Add uris to GcrImporter
     gcr: Expose GcrSecureEntryBuffer as a public class
     gcr: Fix up the gcr-secret-exchange.h header
     gcr: Fix typo in GcrSecretExchange docs
     gcr: Add system prompt and prompter
     gcr: Pass properties changed back in prompter dbus method response
     gcr: Fix missing bit of GcrSecureEntryBuffer symbols
     gcr: Make prompter tests work properly, add debugging
     gcr: Fix a couple memory leaks in the prompter
     gcr: Fix dialog layout, and add dbus service
     gcr: Rework how prompter works by introducing GcrPrompt interface
     gcr: Fix up documentation for recent prompting work
     gcr: Add frob-prompt tool and fix bugs
     gcr: Add timeout to gcr-prompter process
     gcr: Fix issues in GcrPromptDialog display
     gcr: Correct bus names in gcr-prompter service autostart files
     gcr: Fine tune dbus prompting interface
     gcr: Build fixes
     gcr: Fix licensing
     gck: Documentation warning fixes
     gcr: Build fix for Fedora packaging
     Release version 3.3.3
     Add gobject and gio dependencies to package config files
     Fix build problems
     gck: Remove gck_attributes_add_owned()
     Bump version number
     gcr: Include GcrPrompt stuff in documentation
     gcr: Fixes for glib deprecations in the mock prompter
     gcr: Add 'new-prompt' signal to GcrSystemPrompter
     gcr: Some tweaks for the frob-prompt tester
     gcr: Add tests for new-prompt signal on GcrSystemPrompter
     gcr: rename prompt test file, and add another one
     gcr: Display an appropriate title in gcr-viewer
     Release version 3.3.4
     gcr: Reenable grabs for password prompts
     gcr: Add way to set the labels for the prompt buttons
     gcr: Add gcr_prompt_reset() function
     gcr: More checks and docs for GcrPrompt
     Release 3.3.5
     gcr: Expose secure memory API
     gcr: Change frob-prompt so that cancelling the prompt stops
     Add a desktop file for gcr-prompter
     Release version 3.3.90
     Remove interfaces file, should be auto-generated.
     Release version 3.3.92
     Release 3.4.0

Travis Reiter (1):
     gcr: Fix build, link against glib

darkxst (1):
     This fixes the build errors, on Ubuntu 11.10




Stef Walter
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