Re: History of device independence, User-Agent header?

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I'm struggling to find again something I had written about the history of User-Agent, but in the meantime.

In "Support for User-Agent?" [1], there is a reference to

In a message from 23 May 1993, [3] Tony Sanders is advocating for the support

     What are you browser writers thinking about supporting wrt HTTP/1.0 request
    headers (e.g., see the kerberos proposal below)? We need to think about
    how to implement the ChargeTo: and Authorization: headers in a generic
    way so the browser can easily support different styles. I would
    like to see From:, User-Agent:, and Referer: being used (currently
    I've only seen "Accept: text/plain" and "Authorization: user xxx").

In the notes from WWWW, July 28-30, 1993 [2]

    Browsers/servers should support at least the 
    following HTTP/1.0 object headers:

        Accept-Encoding:     ** See MIME Proposal_
        Allowed: [SPACEJUMP, GET, PUT, TEXTSEARCH, ...]
        Public: [SPACEJUMP, GET, PUT, TEXTSEARCH, ...]
        WWW-Link: REL="..." HREF="..."

As in the code of libwww, it was already there in  [5] when 'HTTPReq module' was added.
Fri May 5 14:45:57 1995 UTC (19 years, 2 months ago) by frystyk

    if (request->HeaderMask & HT_USER_AGENT) {
        sprintf(linebuf, "User-Agent: %s/%s libwww/%s%c%c",
            HTAppName ? HTAppName : "unknown",
            HTAppVersion ? HTAppVersion : "0.0",
            HTLibraryVersion, CR, LF);
        HTChunkPuts(header, linebuf);

For device/browser independence, it might be a bit harder, but you can see than Nathan Torkington is talking about it in August 1993 [4]

    There is no one convention which will be applicable to all these uses
    of <A HREF...>. However, given the constraints:
    -- browser-independence,
    -- obviousness
    -- generality,


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