Re: non-normative best practices & file caching

Also sprach Dave Crossland:

 > > I think it's ok for browsers to cache decoded files, but they
 > > shouldn't be exposed in other ways.
 > What if the user wants to know the WOFF metadata for all cached files?

That can still be provided by the UA.

 > Given that many web fonts will say "I am installable if you like me,"
 > it is entirely legitimate for users to install and use user agents
 > that have features to conveniently install web fonts. Libre fonts are
 > commonly used as web fonts, and installing libre WOFF-wrapped fonts is
 > likely to be popular.

I agree that this is a use case. I suggest we drop the note. 


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Received on Saturday, 2 October 2010 22:21:17 UTC