Event Updated: W3C WebDX CG General Meeting

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 W3C WebDX CG General Meeting Upcoming Confirmed

 24 January 2023, 16:00 -17:00 Europe/Paris

 Event is recurring every other week on Tuesday, starting from 2022-11-22, until 2023-12-30

[ WebDX Community Group ](https://www.w3.org/groups/cg/webdx/calendar)Note: meeting postponed by a week to Tuesday 24 January 2023 as main participants are on the go on Tuesday 17 January.

Meeting of W3C WebDX Meeting to discuss progress and next steps on the group's actions and deliverables.


[Agenda](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ree75ImLZjf60lTZ3BhCaLHygxgywr7SBXp-q0xPs8A/edit#) Joining Instructions

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### Groups

- [WebDX Community Group](https://www.w3.org/groups/cg/webdx) ([View Calendar](https://www.w3.org/groups/cg/webdx/calendar))

### Invitees

- Simon Pieters
- Ruth John

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