On Synergy Effects with MDN


Disclaimer: I'm not engaged with Mozilla and speak here completely on my

I learned about the W3C efforts of setting up a beginner's documentation
of HTML and CSS just the other minute. It instantly reminded me on
Mozilla's developer network MDN:


It is a community-driven wiki, too, and aims at being a complete
resource for web-related technology, all together with references,
tutorials and in-depth articles on specific topics.

Evaluating possibilities to work together may be a rewarding option.
Just recently the HTML element reference


has experienced a lot of work put into, with people from Mozilla and
Google working side by side with volunteers as myself. The content
becomes also more and more less Firefox-centered but enriched with
cross-browser information, like compatibility charts. As far as I know,
Opera and other browser vendors have been contacted to be invited in the
process of extending MDN.

If there is a basic interest in collaborating, I suggest getting in
touch via IRC: irc://irc.mozilla.org#devmo, with a Mozilla Foundation's
contact at the W3C or mailing Eric Shepherd (eshepherd at mozilla dot
com) or Janet Swisher (jswisher at mozilla dot com) of Mozilla directly.

Manuel Strehl

Received on Friday, 17 June 2011 09:53:49 UTC