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Minutes of April 4th telecon

From: Harry Halpin <hhalpin@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2016 16:48:11 -0400
To: "public-webcrypto@w3.org" <public-webcrypto@w3.org>
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TL;DR version:

Ryan Hurst thinks a well-defined profile of ASN.1 might be acceptable.
And we may need one more Test the Web Forward training.

Available here:

test status

   hhalpin: had test the web forward training last week. Had three
   volunteers on call.
   ... Encountered some Windows bugs, but got it working.
   ... Netflix and Mozilla would like to do another training.

   ryan hurst: Had opportunity to meet with a bunch of people on
   tests last week.

   scribe: Jim will take on the import tests.

   jimsch: Has not had much time. Dividing work into bite-size
   chunks, but out of office for next two weeks.

   hhalpin: Next topic: open bugs. ASN.1 encoding thread issue.

   ryan hurst: Spoke to a few people. Keeping ASN1 support makes
   sense, but what exactly does that mean.

   scribe: A profile for pkcs8 and spki is palatable, but need to
   work out what would be acceptable.
   ... profile would need to be documented.
   ... ASN.1 encoders and parsers have not historically been
   strong on interoperability, so we need to define what is needed
   in that area.
   ... I think it's totally possible.

   hhalpin: Virginie posted an ambitious schedule for remaining
   ... We may have three to four months to get this handled in
   order to meet schedule.

   ryan hurst: Less concerned about W3C schedule than making sure
   it's right. Schedule

   scribe: is important, but secondary. Six months seems possible.
   ... Need participation writing tests from several people to
   finish in that time.

   markw: Still have outstanding task of moving things to GitHub.

   hhalpin: Hopefully will be done by next meeting. Already
   halfway there.
   ... Other issue is key discovery note published. Everything
   okay with that?
   ... Going to reach out to Mozilla to make sure they attend the
   next call.
   ... Is this call time still acceptable?

   ryan hurst: Every two weeks is okay once people are writing

   hhalpin: The big remaining issue is the ASN.1 profile.
   ... See you all in two weeks.

   <hhalpin> thanks for scribing engelke!
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