[Bug 25839] Curve25519 Named Curve


--- Comment #11 from Greg Slepak <hi@okturtles.com> ---
Sorry, just realized I had another question:

(In reply to Ryan Sleevi from comment #8)
> Yes, there is more than technical discussion here (although Curve25519
> remains a highly charged technical discussion). The political issues are
> very much applicable for User Agents, particularly those that need to be
> available to users in a variety of countries and purposes.
> While you can disagree with these, they are real issues that User Agent
> vendors have to deal with. Things like export controls and FIPS 140-2 remain
> issues for UAs and UA vendors.

Could you elaborate on these issues?

Without researching them myself, it sounds like: "We don't want to recommend
Curve25519 because it's secure."

Is that an accurate rephrasing? Is the job then of this working group to
recommend insecure ciphers?

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